Hunter Fan Company Reveals Addition of Google Home Integration to SIMPLEconnect™ Smart Fan Collection

January 8, 2017— Memphis, TN – Hunter Fan Company, the leading manufacturer of ceiling fans, unveils their latest smart-home integrated partnership with multinational technology company, Google. Officially announced at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the integration of Google Home positions Hunter as the only residential ceiling fan brand to boast compatibility with all three of the most popular home-automation devices in the world. In addition, the SIMPLEconnect™ collection will expand with the spring 2018 release of a new fan design – the Advocate, which will tout the lowest profile measurements in the smart fan industry.

With more than 24 million smart speakers sold in 2017, as reported by Strategy Analytics, Hunter is broadening the way that people use their smart technology through its existing relationships with both Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, and now with Google Home.

“We are immensely driven by our consumer’s wants and needs. When we analyze the trends and marketplace, and observe how receptive users are to smart connectivity, specifically through virtual assistants, we look to fulfill those desires by partnering with those platforms,” said Hunter CEO, John Alexander. “The connected landscape is becoming more convenient and manageable, and we believe it is our job to bring both thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted products to that ever-evolving market.”

In addition to the Goggle Home integration, Hunter expands its suite of voice-assisted fan options with the introduction of the Advocate, available spring 2018. A sleek and contemporary style, the Advocate makes for the lowest-profile connected fan design on the market, measuring less than 11” inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the light fixture. The Advocate will start retail at $349 and will be available in three finishes; Matte Nickel, Noble Bronze and Fresh White. The complete SIMPLEconnect™ WiFi-enabled collection starts at $299 and is availableat, as well as in lighting showrooms, home centers and online retailers nationwide.

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About Hunter Fan Company
The maker of ‘Trusted Fans for Inspired Spaces’ since 1886, Hunter Fan Company is the world’s original ceiling fan manufacturer. As the #1 most installed ceiling fan for over 100 years, Hunter continues to provide a deep heritage of performance, comfort and everyday style for any room, giving consumers confidence, peace-of-mind and ultimately more control over their home environment. The Memphis-based brand is in the midst of an unprecedented new product launch — offering an array of over 100 new models, from rustic and contemporary designs to classic and retro statement pieces. In addition, the brand has recently debuted their exclusive line of Wifi-Enabled SIMPLEConnect™ fans, which are now compatible with both Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa. As an industry-leader, Hunter’s cutting edge design and quality craftsmanship continues to bring unmatched performance into every space. Hunter ceiling fans are available on, as well as in lighting showrooms, home centers and online retailers nationwide.

Shop ceiling fans and learn more about upcoming product releases and get design tips from the Hunter design team, visit, and connect with Hunter Fan Company on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter.


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