Liz Marie joined Hunter Fan Company during the Coastal Huntervention where we took over a sandcastle at The Crystal Coast and gave it a fresh look. She shared her experience on her blog, Liz Marie Blog, where she also featured new Hunter ceiling fans like the Mill Valley farmhouse ceiling fan and glamorous Hepburn modern ceiling fan.

“Last week I had the opportunity to head to Eastern North Carolina where Jose and I lived for 10 years. It was so funny because it was the second trip in one month that I was invited on that both took me back to the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina where we lived for the majority of our marriage. I almost took it as a sign.. like we should be there haha. But visiting was so nice & I’ll continue to do so because I really did leave a piece of my heart there. Anyways, this trip was with the Hunter Fan Company & I’m so glad that I went! One thing I truly love about blogging is working with brands & companies that I truly love & learning more about them & all the behind the scenes. I am pretty picky about who I work with and where I go because honestly it has to be someone I love for me to leave my home & my shop… homebody for life here.”

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