Tag & Tibby: A Ceiling Fan Upgrade Can Make the Room Complete

Tag & Tibby chose a master bedroom ceiling fan worthy of a Hollywood home: the chandelier-inspired Hepburn modern ceiling in white and modern brass.

“This post was written in partnership with Hunter Fan Company. 

Last year we updated our master bedroom with fresh paint, nightstands, and curtains. It warmed up the space tremendously, but there was still an eyesore in the room… the 1990s ceiling fan.

It just wasn’t in the budget at the time to upgrade. And I had this idea in my head that I couldn’t find a reasonably priced, well-styled ceiling fan. Since then I researched and discovered there are a lot of nice ceiling fans for under $250! I selected the Hunter fan Hepburn for our bedroom because it is easy on the wallet (under $170!) but more importantly is a beautiful, clean, elegant design.”

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