Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office

With more people nationwide opting to create their own businesses or work for their employer remotely, the home office has become one of the most used spaces of the house, with many people spending more than eight hours a day in this room. If you’re one of these people, the kitchen table just won’t cut it if you’re looking to get serious and organized.

Hepburn can bring the Satin Copper trend from the kitchen to the office, while new finishes in some of the brand’s fan favorites, such as the Cranbrook in Dove Grey or Blush Pink, will fit seamlessly into a bright and inviting space.

To create a dedicated workspace that is beautiful, smart and functional, consider the following tips:

Tip 1: Design a space where you’ll enjoy spending time. Simple touches like lighting, a bright touch of paint or a wide- open window, can help create an inviting ambiance, and so can the addition of certain accessories. Instead of opting for a simple ceiling light fixture, dare to add a pop of style and color with a new ceiling fan. Not only can this addition make your space more comfortable, it can elevate your décor, with the ceiling as the centerpiece. Options from Hunter Fan Company like the Norden or

Tip 2: Add life. Add color and vitality to your home office with some plant life. Not only will you be improving indoor air quality, you’ll be adding beauty to the space. To save precious desk- space, consider a few hanging planters, opting for plants that thrive indoors, such as spider plants or jade.

Tip 3: Don’t forget function! As the wheels turn and your creative juices start flowing, nothing can be more distracting than a creaking ceiling fan or a light that just doesn’t do the trick. A simple switch can make all the difference. While a desk lamp might solve your lighting problem, why not opt for a fixture that can solve both of those issues at the same time? Tech-savvy ceiling fan options from Hunter Fan Company like the Tunable White LED Dempsey, allow you to adjust the temperature of the light, ensuring your fan will operate quietly, keep you cool, and work as hard — and as late — as you do. With its dimmable remote, you can adjust the light temperature for your eyes, using warm white lighting for nighttime work and cool white lighting to perk you up in the morning. Such details will help any entrepreneur avoid distraction and create a more productive work environment

Tip 4: Get personal. You may be doing business, but when it comes to decorating, it’s time to mix in the personal. Items such as photographs of friends and family or reminders of previous accomplishments will bring you joy and help you stay motivated. Whatever you do, don’t settle for completely bare walls!

Gone are the days of dark wood- paneling, moody lighting and rolodexes. Today’s most effective home offices are brighter, more welcoming, and unite function with your personal style.


Elevating Your Space: Hunter Fan Company Leads The Charge As An Industry Trendsetter

Ceiling fan manufacturer stays on the pulse of the latest home trends with exciting new products.

July 31, 2019— Memphis, TN – Similar to the trends in the fashion industry, the world of home décor is constantly evolving, helping our homes find a pattern and a place in design. Leading ceiling fan manufacturer, Hunter Fan Company acutely recognizes this cyclical and evolving pattern, looking to not only stay on the pulse of the home décor trends floating in and out of fashion, but looking to create products that cater to the desires and preferences of its many consumers. From trend shopping to numerous hours of development, Hunter’s latest products are the brainchild of a large team of dedicated individuals who look to push the boundaries of the home décor and the ceiling fan industry.

This strong team of Hunter designers takes their charge seriously, constantly flooding their days with trend analysis and consistent trips around the world for inspiration – hoping to bring the latest colors and aesthetics into consumer homes across the country. In addition to their trend trips, the design team works closely with the brand’s marketing team to meet and discuss with home décor and lifestyle tastemakers, like those bloggers who attended the recent Haven Blogger Conference in Atlanta, GA. After meeting with hundreds of these trendsetters, the Hunter team learns more about what colors and styles appeal to homeowners, leading to further understanding of the landscape. This clarity allows the teams to develop new products that mirror the wants and needs of their design-savvy consumers.

“We are always excited to hear feedback from those that see our products as more than just simple appliances. From a designer’s perspective, having bloggers with hundreds of thousands of active followers and friends tell us that they are in love with a new style or color, helps us to create exactly what homeowners are looking for and takes away the guessing game of product design,” said Brand Design Director, Patrick O’Connell. “It’s easy to create what we want as designers, but creating products that our customers truly connect with and love having in their homes, is what helps us to stay on top of the industry and gives us pride in our brand and our work.”

Hunter’s tireless efforts to stay aware of the latest trends are evident through their newest products. As the Scandinavian and mid-century modern style has become a staple in the modern American household, so too has this style permeated the Hunter lineup. Products like the Hepburn and Cranbrook, have been fan favorites of Hunter shoppers for multiple years, allowing the designers to create new finish extensions that reflect current desires. This summer and fall, Hunter will release three new extensions for these models, with the Hepburn becoming available in a Satin Copper metallic body finish and a new 44” size and the Cranbrook collection extending to include both Blush Pink and Dove Grey. Similarly, the design team focuses its efforts on creating entirely new products that answer the design needs of the latest trends. As the outdoor porch becomes an additional room to enjoy and homeowners spend more time curating this space, Hunter looks to create new models that can withstand the elements seamlessly. The Kennicott outdoor ceiling fan will be available in a Dusty Green color, reflecting the sage green trend sweeping the home décor world.  This new model and color harmonizes well with the outdoor oasis trend that customers are looking to emulate while also creating a sweeping and efficient breeze with the Hunter Surespeed® Guarantee – a brand new industry standard for airflow developed exclusively by Hunter’s engineers.

With a myriad of new ceiling fans constantly being developed, Hunter continues to look to its customers and the world around them to understand the trends that resonate best. This attention to detail and understanding is what solidifies Hunter’s place as a trendsetting brand, and leads them to create beautiful and quality ceiling fans for homes nationwide. For more information on how to curate your perfect outdoor oasis, or to keep a pulse on the trends in the Hunter fan world, visit or follow along on instagram @Hunterfanco.

About Hunter Fan Company

Keeping homes ‘Quietly Cool since 1886’, Hunter Fan Company is the world’s original ceiling fan manufacturer. As the #1 most installed ceiling fan for over 130 years, Hunter continues to provide a deep heritage of performance, comfort and everyday style for any room, giving consumers confidence, peace-of-mind and ultimately more control over their home environment. The Memphis-based brand is in the midst of an unprecedented new product launch—offering an array of over 100 new models, from rustic and contemporary designs to classic and retro statement pieces. In addition, the brand has recently debuted their exclusive line of Wi-Fi-Enabled SIMPLEconnect® fans, which are now compatible with Apple® HomeKit™, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. As an industry-leader, Hunter’s cutting-edge design and quality craftsmanship continues to bring unmatched performance into every space. Hunter ceiling fans are available on, as well as in lighting showrooms, home centers and online retailers nationwide.

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